Undivided Loyalty

We work only in the best interest of our clients, which are being seen as partners. It is for us inacceptable to work with divided loyalties, owed to anyone else than our clients.

Experience & Capacity

We accept assignments only if there is all required qualified experience and sufficient work flow capacity available on our side to deliver properly, as defined and on time.


We keep strict confidentiality on all client affairs, according to the strictest regulator’s rules for attorneys and accountants in Switzerland and Germany.


Our work for and on behalf of our clients is in clear accordance to international legal & financial frameworks, defined by OECD, FATF and others.

Why UAE as place of Business?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are excellently geo-strategically located as a bridge & hub between the macro regions Europe, Africa and Asia.

Furthermore, the country is the 2nd biggest economy within the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council), but definitely leading the entire region with view to its logistic, transportation, travel and finance infrastructure.

As an highly reputed offshore destination, even offshore jurisdictions are embedded in a real economy environment – and not located at “the end of the world” like on many offshore tropical islands or exclaves. By this, UAE is characterized by multiple interaction among and between local (onshore), free zone and offshore players.